Friday, 24 August 2012

Saxon Survivor

Being here, in this special place, made me get a belly-tingle.
"It's akin to the feeling a parent gets watching a sleeping child... it's Love I suppose" I explained to a confused looking Bulwer-Rant.

So simple; so still; so peaceful - a tranquil old place. The Saxon church at Newton, North-West Norfolk is an extraordinary survivor.

The thick whitewashed walls appear as if hewn from solid rock.
"Internal sculpture," opined one of our number.
"Almost like a Barbara Hepworth sculpture in places," added another.

I am writing this "live" on location, but will presently be posting some more about this under-discovered beauty.

~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. ~


  1. I think a return visit here is a must Munro!

    1. I need no persuading on that one Mr. Many Coats, my dear fellow.

    2. For the record: Mr. Many Coats and I did subsequently visit this church on Wednesday September 5th.