Friday, 14 September 2012

Can someone tell me why not?


  1. If I HAD a davy -- and I'm not saying that I don't, mind you! -- I most certainly would not exercise it/him/her in that churchyard.

    One must respect the signs, after all.

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


    1. Hi Pearl

      Is Minneapolis called minneapolis because it's mini. I only ask because I'm very small to. I'm Tiny Tony Tipper and I'm a little nipper, so I sleep in a slipper!

    2. Dear Pearl,

      Yes, one must respect signs - especially we English! However, Wee Davy is no respecter of signage... indeed, it/he/her actively defies such attempts to constrain and conform.

      Anyway, tatty-bye: got to go now, a queue is forming and I can't resist joining it and complaining about the weather to through my clenched unkempt teeth.


    3. Gor blimey girl. Aint that the trooth me owld cock sparra. Have a banana an awl that.

  2. Hi Pearl in Minneapolis

    The problem is that some churches don't seem to realise that a Davey, especially a Wee Davey is a free spirit. He is akin to the wodewose that haunt the darker places unconstrained by modern expectations. He has no desire to be leashed and wants to run free, gambolling amongst the brick and flint ruins until his lustrous hair is coated in a fine dusting of lime mortar. Indeed, it took us a good while to get ours to accept clothing.

  3. Let's all calm down. This is obviously a typographical error, and should have read something like, 'Do not WEE in the churchyard'. As a lime conservator of some years standing (but mostly lying down) I know that weeing against churches can be detrimental to the fabric - and the stonework.

  4. I too like to lie down on the job Tom, for gazing up at the sky can give a totally different perspective and the clouds are our friends. That said I think the Contributions Secretary would argue differently - ever since a rogue cloud chased her all the way from spixworth to Newton St Faiths. Ragged Rambling can be quite dangerous you know.