Saturday, 29 September 2012

Goolie The Heritage Cat - A Short Paws at Blickling Church

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I wouldn't blame you for thinking that this is Goolie The Heritage Cat, seen here posing in front of Blickling Hall, Norfolk. It isn't! You see, Goolie has relatives, and this is one of them...

Her name is Uncle Alice. Here, you can see her posing outside Blickling church, alongside Goolie and, her husband, Aunty Vernon'. Don't they look smart; all brassy in the winter sun, with their big bows and 'Cheshire' grins. 

You see, our little feline entourage, led by heritage interpreter, Goolie, had travelled to North Norfolk to come and explore this fascinating church...
"There are some lovely Eighteenth century tombstones here," mewed Goolie, with not a little excitement...

Here they are,  standing in front of the partially sunken grave of Richard Smyth.
"What if the acuteness of the angle of the skull correlates to the age of these graves," speculated Uncle Alice to no-one in particular.
"Indeed!" chirped Goolie. 
Uncle Alice just grinned, inscrutably. 

"This is an effigy of a Tudor lady," opined Goolie.
"I feel ruff," retorted Uncle Alice.

Asking a passer-by to place a finger on the Victorian tiles, Goolie explain that, if you look very closely, you are often able to see human finger prints on the surfaces, left when these were freshly made and laid out to dry.
"Indeed, at Salle church, you will find the imprint of a cat's paw in one the tiles."

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