Monday, 24 September 2012

Sitting on the wall at Waxham Barns

Last week I visited the restored 16th century barn at Waxham on the north Norfolk coast. A well interpreted building taking in the local history of both the structure and region with many interesting features, although I was particularly taken by the two different styles of outer wall support.

The first an original 16th century construction...

The second I think built in the 19th century..

But which is better? They both have different aesthetic qualities and i'm sure both do an equally good job of supporting the wall - Absorbing the lateral forces created by the great weight of the huge roof at Waxham. I have pondered this for a good while and am loathed to make up my mind, in fact I don't want to choose between them.

You could say that I'm all ifs and buttresses!

+Many Coats+


  1. There buttress for the grace of God? (how many times can I make this jape?). To my mind, the 19th C. one has a certain geological look to it - 'The Order of the Strata', etc. and the 16th C. one is a little prissy. Oh well.

    1. Interesting Tom. I see your point, buttress I still cannot make up my mind. I think I like one more than the other, although the feelings just keep waxham and waining!

  2. I loathe you for your indecisiveness in this matter!

  3. My dear Munro.

    They do some nice sandwiches at Waxham barn cafe and I gather that they are made out of loathes!