Wednesday, 5 September 2012

St Barts Church, Brisley - A Welcome of Pleasing Proportions

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Stopping at St Bartholomew's church, Brisley, we were immediately impressed with the pleasing proportions of the elegant tower.
"Munro Cautley* would have approved - and it's got a parapet," opined one of our number.

Exploring within, we discovered loads of fascinating things (see Simon Knott's Norfolk Churches for further details). However, above all else, we noted the warm welcoming 'culture' of this church**. This was exemplified by a couple of notebooks left on a table, with the following signage:

One of the aforementioned 'fascinating things' which pleased us immensely was this lovely little compass-drawn 'daisy wheel', etched into one of the medieval bench-ends. 

Feeling inspired to share something with this church's visitors, Mr. Many Coats immediately began to sketch; drawing a conjectural piece - fully in the spirit of Cautley -, showing how it should have been done, if drawn correctly...

What a fantastic initiative to invite responses from visitors. Set against the foreboding 'neighbourhood watch' cultures surrounding some of our medieval churches, this feels like a very healthy development. 

We would like to encourage you to go and visit this lovely church if you are able. There is so much of interest to see here, and you will feel the Love too. 

* The sometimes curmudgeonly former diocesan architect (1914-1947) has this to say in his work, 'Norfolk Churches' (1949):
"The tower is fine and lofty with sound holes in third stage, and buttresses panelled out in stone, flint filled and a good stone parapet..." 

** If you're interested, here's another warmly welcoming church - Barton Turf


  1. I heartily agree with your sentiments my friend, for what could have been a frustrating day marred by lock doors and long walks for keys was made wonderful by the welcoming attitude at Brisley and also by the smiley faces of the Key holders we met who clearly took pride in their churches.

    It's a difficult one this, but I liked your suggestion that the village pub would make an ideal key holder and some of Brisleys brand of welcoming culture would do a lot to offset the frustration of having to go hunting for a key.

    Huzzah for Briston I say, HUZZAH!

  2. Ive heard they was smaller back then. whay they need big doors then?