Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Swastika Belter!

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A swastika pelta graffito from Litchfield, Norfolk - over-drawn
by The Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey
I am rather pleased with myself. Yesterday, I enjoyed a perambulation around North-East Norfolk in the good company of the precipitous Mr. Thadeus Basil-Snapper (the third!). Among the many places we visited, was St Mary church, Stalham. Inside the church, the limestone - fine grained and 'soft' - looked like a perfect surface for medieval graffiti, and so we began to explore, torches and scales in hand. However, we were soon to be disappointed, for there was clear evidence of a comprehensive 'clean up' of the surfaces... Still, we persisted - more in hope than expectation. 

Imagine, then, my delight when I noticed the inter-woven lines of a swastika pelta still visible on the ashlar surface (see image, above). 

"Egad! Thadeus, come here - come here this instant!"
And he did, and I saw his face twitch a little as he recognised what I had found...
"Er, yes... well... well done Munro" muttered the big man, through gritted teeth.

Poor chap! He has been looking for one of these little beauties for over a year now, and here I was looking up at him with a Cheshire cat grin of full-cream satisfaction. 


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