Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Church wall fondling

It has come to our attention at RSAR headquarters recently, that there are individuals practicing the ancient art of wall licking/tasting.
This obscure discipline was thought to have died out centuries ago when one esteemed Antiquarian inadvertently consumed some undesirable matter and became bereft of life and breath!
It is therefore of the utmost importance that the individuals are recorded on photographic devices so that we may advise on Health and Safety and give proper training. Please send images to Mme Cont. Sec. forthwith.
Most obliged,

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  1. I know that this matter is an internal one for you and none of my business as a distant outsider, but I feel I should say a word or two in defence of the wall-licking transgressor.

    In my part of the country, there was something of an epidemic of church-wall licking which was initially put down to a sort of madness brought about by the Devil, but a more scientific reason was eventually found and the lickers were cured.

    It was discovered that the habitual lickers were lacking in various minerals and salts which they acquired when instinctively drawn to old, lime-plaster walls, which they licked as a cow might lick a salt-block.

    This explains the disappearance of all those brightly coloured, medieval church paintings in the 19th century and earlier, usually blamed on Oliver Cromwell and the Victorians.

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