Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Blot at Bacton Church

It is always a delight to discover the new being seamlessly combined with the old. Imagine then, our delight when we happened upon this truly remarkable construction, located on the north side of Bacton church, Norfolk. It certainly made an impact on us... indeed, we were - for once! - lost for words...

Perhaps one day every medieval church in England will be adorned with design of similar quality and sensitivity. 

Quite extraordinary!


  1. Fantastic. At last, a chipper for heathens.

    1. Tom,

      Would that be a 'chipper'; as in reducing 'heathens' to pulp, or an extractor fan for the chip shop catering for heathens within the medieval building?

    2. I was thinking along the lines of, "Christians, roasting on an open fire..." and similar seasonal ditties.

  2. This carbuncle is a blot, a discolouration, a naughty architectural interruption, a poke in the eye for the purist...