Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A moving experience

Mr Many Coats has not been Ragged Rambling of late. The reason? Well it's simply that he has been moving lock, stock and library to a new abode away from the hurly burly of city life to the beautiful solitude of the country. A simple dwelling where he hopes the peace and quiet will focus his mind and allow him to finish his latest book on the veg stands of Norfolk villages. Charming, yet fragile little structures the rise up from the grassy verge and serve to both advertise and protect the wares being sold from within by the resident of the attached bungalow, house or cottage.

It was not easy finding the perfect abode, for like all ramblers Many Coats sought a mix of old world charm, yet with all the modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing. It was an arduous task, but at long last his efforts have been rewarded with Ivy Cottage...

Ivy Cottage
A ragged cottage for a ragged rambler and like any house over 200 years of age it has plenty of antiquarian nuggets just waiting to be discovered. If you look closely you can make out the remains of a veg stand (Now a hen roost) outside and it was this that first drew his attention to what might appear to some to be a humble hovel. But appearances can be deceiving, for the briefest of conversations with his soon to be neighbours revealed that the whole row of cottages were once owned by Sir Angus Ogilvy and his wife, Princess Alexandra of Kent. They served as a bolt hole away from prying eyes and were probably very useful when Ogilvy was embroiled in the 1973 Lonrho trade sanctions breach scandal, whilst a director of the London and Rhodesia Mining and Land Company.

Whether they still owned the cottage at this time we cannot say, but one thing is for for certain...  Even a little eighteenth century cottage like Mr Many Coat's has plenty of history seeping from every beam and pamment. I think he will be right at home here!

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