Thursday, 21 February 2013

Not So Very Long Ago...

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It was a blink before twilight at the very end of an enchanted summer day. The air warm and still. Gathered on the narrow timber bridge, a small gaggle of antiquarians lost in a reverie at the prospect of the river below. The water so clear and serene. The faintest scent of honeysuckle tantalising. A buzz of a fly here and there. A distant bird passes overhead. 

Burgh-next-Aylsham church...

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  1. Sir Norman St Johnston Johnson st Johnson4 March 2013 at 08:30

    Ah the days of warm summer evenings. i remember that day well, Mr Munro popping his head up above the long grass, shouting "say cheese" and snapping away like a snapping thing , capturing the moment for posterity.
    Such wonderful moments to cherish in the cold bleak days. Huzzah to the on coming of spring and summer!