Sunday, 24 March 2013

Antiquarian Mind Squatters

I have a mind-squatter living in my head. Some time ago I learned that his name is Canon Frockhart-Felatio-Wilson. This is what the queer little fella looks like...

This morning, whilst enjoying a Brazilian in The Room of Mirrors, I saw him peering out of my left eye, the whiskery little bastard!
"Get otta there you whiskery little bastard!" I exclaimed.
I could see him mouthing some words and gesturing in an animated fashion, but, alack, I could hear nothing. Lorks! How frustrating it is. I shall have to wait for one of those rare occasions when the Canon "takes the air" through one of my ears to converse with him.

Most of us have mind-squatters, only we just don't realise. I hope, one day, to become a mind-squatter myself. It would be interesting to get into other people's heads and occasionally pop thoughts into their consciousness. Ratherer!

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