Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Norman Carving

We were delighted to be face-to-face with this wonderful pillar piscina once again. Decorated in characteristic Norman style, this is a wonderful and rare survivor. The scene depicted here at Swannington church is St George pushing a lance into the mouth of the dragon. The carver, long dead; his art lives on!


  1. Actually, I have it very good authority ( my mum) says it was Brian who carved it, not Norman. He was convalescing in Eastbourne at the time so Brian knocked it out sharpish.

  2. Sir Barnabus Creatorus Feltini9 April 2013 at 07:02

    It wasn't Brian I tell you and my source is the veritable Mandy - good woman that she is. It was Bill.

    1. Dear Barnabus Creatorus Feltini,

      As a matter of fact we have received correspondence from the Mandy (as in, "The Silence of...') and she was very clear in attributing this, saying,