Friday, 29 November 2013

The Urge to Leave Your Mark

It has been a while since members of The Ragged Ramblers got out exploring some lovely medieval churches. So it was with a tingle of anticipation that a party of six of us set out this morning to explore some antiquarian delights in north Norfolk. Oh what a time we had: ranging from the discovery of a bottomless pond of evil aspect to a good assemblage of post-medieval graffiti. Here are some images of the latter...

A concentration of graffiti at the partially ruined Hautbois St Theobald church

Here are three photographs of graffiti etched into the external stonework on the buttresses of St Peter & St Paul, Worstead. 

The following three graffitos are all to be found on the interior face of a box pew at St Peter & St Paul's, Heydon...

Man smoking a fag, 

Five o-clock shadow

Mary Frost wearing a bonnet


  1. Since this piece went live the Ragged Ramblers postbag has been fit to bulge as curious readers enquired about the bottomless pond of evil aspect. I can reassure all three of you, we will be posting something about the evil pond in the very near future.


  2. I find myself rather drawn to the gentleman with the rainbow of light cast onto his face at the top of your blog. Is he married perchance?

  3. It takes some time and a sharp object to engrave one's name, begging the question why the engraver was stationed at that spot so long.
    I read a bit recently about a young boy sent to wait by a column for deliveries. He left his name behind, in the column.

  4. Wow, that's so cool. Did you find any disarticulated dolly legs during your travels? Expand!