Sunday, 26 January 2014

Finningham Church - Keep Out!

The photograph was taken at the porch door of St Bartholomew's Church, Finningham, in North Suffolk. We are always saddened when a church meets the criteria for inclusion on our 'Inaccessible Churches' Google map (which you can find on the sidebar of this blog). I'm afraid that, unlike most churches in this area of Suffolk, Finningham was very much locked when we visited last week. Not only were no keyholder details available, there wasn't even any signage we could find to let us know where we were. In the end, I asked Mr. Many Coats if he could GPS our location. We were not impressed!

We will be delighted if anyone from this church contacts us to say that, either: 

  • We caught them on a bad day
  • We were dozy dolts who failed to see the signage
  • We've researched the literature, realised that open churches experience less crime than locked ones, and have, consequently, had a change of heart and have decided to make it an open church, as it was intended to be. 
In the meantime, Finningham Church has earned a place on our 'Name & Shame' map of inaccessible churches:

Inaccessible Churches

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