Sunday, 18 May 2014

Long Melford Church - Inside & Out

During our recent excursion to Suffolk and Essex, Ragged Ramblers members stopped off at Long Melford church. If you haven't been here yourself, we highly recommend that you do so. 

As is our want, the Members began to explore this wonderful building; discussing points of interest, having a quiet moment - being inspired by the space. 

Among the many treasures within was this exquisite alabaster panel dating from the fourteenth century. Being a typical target for iconoclasts during the Reformation it is a wonder that it was not smashed to bits. However, fortunately, it was re-discovered under the floor during some building work and put on display in its current position.   

Other treasures include a wealth of medieval stained glass. I asked Aunty Gary if he had a favourite piece, and he chose this face of a merchant wearing the sternest of countenances. Curiously, he seems to have an 'F' ear... perhaps that's why he appears to be so serious. 

Another highlight is the Clopton Chapel, the ceiling of which is pictured above. From this glimpse you will appreciate that it is a richly decorated space, full of interest. 

In order to enter the large Lady Chapel, you have to walk on the outside of the church. The flowers in the well-tended borders were verdant and lush.

Once inside the Lady Chapel, I admired the cast of the sunlit windows on the floor tiles of the aisle. Beautiful. This is a space to come and sit in peace and just be

Returning out into the sunshine, I took a close look at the flowers and the buds that will soon burst into flames of colour. I love May. We have come through winter and the sap is rising. 

Walking back to our vehicle I was delighted to see Wall Flowers growing on a wall

Finally, before setting off in search of further delights, one of our members sat on a bench and, cat-like, soaked up the sunshine. Splendid!



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