Friday, 16 May 2014

Lout on the Loose!

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What you are witnessing here is a most troubling phenomenon. Two friends are sitting on a bench quietly enjoying some repose in historic Long Melford, Suffolk, when a young thug approaches and begins to harass them with his presence. Despite an appearance of studied indifference, the friends are most perturbed at the youth's strutting and preening and later report this incident to the authorities. 

Subsequent enquiries have led The authorities to believe that this thug may be a member of the notorious Drive By History gang, who have been creating disturbances with their challenge to orthodox histiography in a number of locations across East Anglia in recent times (see HERE for instance). 

It is a dashed good job for that young bounder that the friends demonstrated admirable restraint as, unbenownst to this lout, they are more than capable of fighting back and will do so if provoked on future occasions

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