Wednesday, 17 September 2014

An Antiquarian Dust Donation

It was with some considerable curiosity that I collected an anonymous parcel from the Post Office sorting office. Hitherto, the Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers have not publicised their ambition to amass the largest collection of antiquarian dust in the county of Norfolk, so who could have known about our Curator of Palynology? 

Anyway, I tore open the parcel and revealed a charming little Emergency First Aid tin. 
We have recently received a spate of parcel bombs from disenchanted former RSAR members, so, for a fleeting moment, I thought this may have been an explosive device. However, allowing curiosity to overcome caution, I decided to open the lid, and here is what was revealed... 

Three beautifully packaged and labelled phials of dust. Being a stickler for palynology protocol I carefully placed a fifteenth century 'beehive' thimble upon my finger and began to examine one of the phials. These have a note of the museum professional about them and it is clear to us that these have come from a museum context and will now be accessioned - after voluminous paperwork - to the Ragged Ramblers' antiquarian palynology collection. Marvellous! Isn't it...


~ Munro Tweeder-Harris Esq ~


  1. Professor Ivor longone19 September 2014 at 22:46

    sir is it correct that the genus palynology is subjugated from the polynalogy variated strain therefore ensuring the beehive thimble is actually worn on your right index finger instead of your left. I'm most confused if this isn't the case and should kindly ask that should one be misinformed that one should put one right, should.

  2. I had a collection once, I did. But I sneezed and I haven't seen it since. Blowed if I knows where it's gone. Comes to think of it, it might be in the good lady wife's pipe. She said she had a new brand of shag.

  3. Angela Wongleberry19 September 2014 at 22:53

    Goodness. Genuine philes of dust. I'm just green with envy. I should very much like to visit your museum of curios and perhaps take a pinch and savour the aromatic waftiness

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