Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Memorial to Heroic Self-sacrifice

Just around the corner from the Museum of London is one of my favourite places in the city. Situated in Postman's Park is Victorian artist, George Frederick Watts' Memorial to Heroic Self-sacrifice. 

Situated underneath a humble roof are beautifully glazed tiles that tell stories of ordinary people's remarkable bravery. Well worth a diversion to go and see this!


  1. What a wonderful thing. I shall go and see it as soon as possible. Thanks for the alert.

    1. Isn't it! Very easy to miss in that particularly brutalist corner of the city, by the wall

    2. When I went to art college in Farnham, I was a neighbour and frequent visitor the the Watts Gallery and Memorial Chapel, just off the Hog's Back between Guildford and that town.

      The chapel was built using nothing but local (mainly unskilled) labour by his widow, and also the skills of the nearby ceramic and pottery craftsmen who usually made big, earthenware chimney pots.

      The gallery and museum used to - in the late 60s - be run by a young man who dressed and spoke exactly in period, and I often wondered if he was a ghost. Ii is a beautiful place.