Friday, 7 August 2015

A Perambulation of Cahors Cathedral

Here is the west front of the cathedral in Cahors in the south of France

Stepping within, my attention was seized by the medieval wall painting high up  on the interior west walls. 

Looking towards the east, I took this photo with the water in the font offering offering reflections. 

Cahors Cathedral has two huge domes, one of which is pictured here. Personally, I like the fact that it is an imperfect circle. 

The east end of the cathedral presented an impressive display of stained glass. 

Whereas most of the side chapels where a bit too buffed up for my liking, I admired the shabby grandeur of this one. 

Finally, back outside, there were some outstanding corbels to admire...

The Master Mason who carved this one really knew what he was about! 

It was fantastic to ramble a while through southern France, but I have to say, I did miss a good pot of tea. Now I'm back I will endeavour to brew up some more delectations to share with you here. 


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