Saturday, 3 October 2015

St Andrews Church, Westhall, Suffolk

In some churches a seven sacrament font like this would be enough on its own to justify a visit...

And when you look closely, some wonderful gesso work is revealed:

However, here at Westhall Church in Suffolk there are SO many treasures that a Ragged Rambler hardly knows where to start! 

For instance, there's this stonking great Norman doorway with decorative surround...

Not to mention the lower panels of a fifteenth century rood screen

But it doesn't stop here...

Lovely ancient oak benches replete with compass drawn 'daisywheels'!

And talking of graffiti archaeology, here's a bearded man carved into the soft ashlar of one of the piers. 

Oh yeh, there are medieval wall paintings as well. 

Finally, as I returned to my flask I had a thought: do bats crap in their sleep?

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