Thursday, 30 December 2010

Waiting As The Alarm Goes Off

Attendees: Esotericus, Maximillion, Aunty Gary

Esteemed member of the Ragged Ramblers, Aunty Gary, was only curious as he handled the latch of the oldest church coffer in England (twelfth century) at Hindringham. Next minute the alarm goes off! This short video (with soundtrack) is taken as we await the arrival of concerned members of the local community...

When they did arrive, they were very gracious and understanding, which we very much appreciate.

Random photo... nothing at all to do with this post...


  1. Serves the old scoundrel right, should have had a night in the cells! Told him afore now to curb that womanly curiosity...

  2. Dear Cockton-Smythe,

    I am sure I speak for all Ragged Ramblers in defending the honour and reputation of Aunty Gary in this instance. Any member of the Society - Dan Tangle, Fanny Flaneuse, Jimothy Ditheridge... well, perhaps not poor Ditheridge! - would feel compelled to fiddle with the antient, all the better to understand it.

    Poor Aunty was jittery and developed an unnerving facial tic as a result of the shock of the alarm, crying out - 'Alack, I am a man born out of time!' I was much angered with myself for not bringing my hip-flask of single malt with me on this occasion. He was much in need of a soothing tipple Sir.

    Yours faithfully,

  3. I have been compelled to watch this video many times over now and adore the look upon Aunty Gary's face. It reminds me of the look upon Many Coat's face when he messed himself at Sunday School. A wonderful mix of the contrite, yet slightly pleased round the edges!

    Dan Tangle
    (Sadden he was not there in person to witness the spectacle)