Friday, 21 January 2011

We Were You...


  1. I recognise that hat. Blast me sideways if it doesn't belong to that tweed defiling bounder who thinks he's the next Ketton-Cremer, that is when he's not busy relieving himself on graves like a mongrel at a pillar box!
    Be more than his ruddy hat goes a tumbling, if he's not careful!

    Field Marshall Bumper Cockton-Smythe

  2. Dear Field Marshall Bumper Cockton-Smythe,

    Nothing to say to you... I fear that inspiration has quite deserted me in this instance... isn't it!

  3. Dear Elias the Shovel,

    May one enquire as to whether you are one of the 'The Shovel's' of Hindringham? Pourquoi? Because, I was once acquainted with a certain Cecil the Shovel, custodian of the coffer in the church there.

  4. Elias the Shovel,

    Further to my previous response: I am glad that you are wondering about the music. I am wondering about the music too...