Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Misty Melton Constable

Ragged Ramblers present: Maximillion; Aunty Gary; Esotericus

'Shrouded in the mists of time' is an oft repeated phrase. On the occasion of this Ragged Ramble, I have to say it was very apt. Located in the grounds of Melton Constable Hall, to the south-west of the village, stands the church of St Peter. As we approached Aunty Gary let out a huge roar of approval; a cue for a fanfare of 'huzzahs!' from us all.

In particular, the wonderful stout Norman tower pleased us immensely. It has stood here for around nine hundred years, like a gnomen of a sundial, or the standing leg of a compass - a constant presence; a fixed point. The mists only added to this sense of timelessness.

We had intended to find a key holder and explore inside; and, indeed, we did frighten a local household just up the lane, who refused to answer the door to us tweed-clad explorers - despite Aunty Gary's pleading. However, from the moment that Maximillion suggested that he spark up the stove, our minds were transported on wafts of bacon-scented reverie, and we never did get that key...

However, if you are interested in taking a peek inside, take a look at this piece by the ever-wonderful Simon Knott:

St Peter, Melton Constable


~ Esotericus ~


  1. Pray, do tell - what are those finger trails in the mud in the video? What have you been doing?

  2. Dear Mr. Churlish,

    I am afraid to report that Aunty Gary experienced an apoplexy and had to be restrained using string and brown paper. In the course of this non-too delicate operation, he had to be dragged towards a quiet place by Maximillion and myself. Thankfully, mesmerised by the sizzling bacon, he was soon restored to his version of normality, and, indeed, was soon dancing a jig!