Thursday, 5 September 2013


Pylon, pyl-off, pylon, 
Switch on, switch off, switch on, 
Beware, beware, 
But only stand and stare, 
Pylon pyl-off, pylon. 

Pylon, pyl-off, pylon, 
Keep off, keep off, not on!
Do not climb, do not climb, 
Even though the views are fine
Pylon, pyl-off, pylon. 

Pylon, pyl-off, pylon,
Runs on and on and on. 
Erection, construction,
Landscape disruption?
Pylon, pyl-off, pylon. 

Poem by Artemus Dieback, to accompany his painted sketches (or visual musings) on the compositional possibilities offered by the imposition of the electrical pylon in the rural landscape.