Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Blue Sky Thinking at the Happisburgh Light

Some of the Ragged Ramblers enjoy climbing tall buildings...

And so it was that we ventured up the 85 foot high Happisburgh Lighthouse. As you might imagine, the view from the Light is amazing!

On this occasion I was in the company of some young Ramblers...

As you will observe, we were in a jocular - or should I say, 'occular' - mood.. All of a sudden someone had a lightbulb moment...

... and it was decided to take a photograph of my-eye good self, refracted through the lighthouse lens...

~ Esotericus ~


  1. You cannot beat a good Norfolk Sky like those captured here my friend, although teenage Ramblers are a different matter!
    +Many Coats+

  2. That bloke at the end - that's Roy Castle, isn't it?

  3. I always suspected you had a split personality. But good to see you from many points of view.