Saturday, 2 July 2011

St Botolph, Banningham - A Video Tour Inside The Church

Banningham - a lovely Norfolk church

Here, a member of The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers shows you around the inside of this church...

Now, if you are able, go and experience it for yourself...


  1. Thanks for that great tour of the church - I really enjoyed it. Your point about the ancient breath from those who stopped breathing hundreds of years ago, captured within bubbles in glass, is something I often think about when using some of my 'tear-stemmed' 18th century drinking glasses with bubbles in the stems. Sadly, although these glasses were blown, the bubbles were created by pricking with an iron spike before drawing out, so contain (baked) air from the workshop, not breath. Same with the window glass, which was hung in sheets when hot, not blown. This is why ancient church glass is thicker at the bottom than the top - not, as some people would have, because it has 'slumped' with age. Still, there is a percentage of breath in each bubble, eh?

  2. We sit corrected Tom. This is a continuous voyage of discovery and always best when we learn from each other. However, as you say, there is still a percentage of breath in there.

    Huzzah to you Sir!

  3. Yes, but what of the water storage solution for this church?

  4. Yeh man, and if there's a small percentidge of breath, like there'd be a fraction of fart too. Innit...

  5. Good point, Cush - like there's a driplet of Julius Caesar's wee in every glass of water.

  6. Tom,

    Driplet of wee in every glass? Was he Julius Geyser or somethink!