Friday, 1 June 2012

A Sturdy Upright Medieval Fellow

A sturdy upright medieval fellow... pulling a pint, or what? 
What is going on here!


  1. Dear Ragged Ramblers,

    I note with interest that the figure depicted in the glass at North Tuddenham church has an extra testicle. I believe that there is a perfectly logical reason for this. Due to the extremely high death rate among Mediaeval Man, the development of an extra testicle would increase fertility, and hence ensure a better chance of survival for their lineage.

    I trust that this clarifies this matter for you!


  2. It's 'Whig' history! As everyone knows, they were smaller back in them days. However, in anticipation of the day when progress would arrive, and we would become bigger, a man's part was out of scale. Innit!