Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Pond of Pure Liquid Evil

As we pulled up to park our motor vehicle, a Ragged Rambler mentioned that in order to get to the church we intended to visit we would have to pass a pond that was a place of dark and evil aspect.
"Oh yeh, it's also bottomless" he added, nonchalantly. 

And so it proved...

The pond at H........ in Norfolk is indeed a place of unremitting malevolence. Looking into its deep devilish depths the following sentence emitted from me as if from a complete stranger...
"Evil pond, don't you play your games with me."

Indeed, so appallingly terrifying was this slurp of green-slimed pure liquid evil, that certain of our number felt unable to face it. Others, however, felt emboldened - nay, possessed even! - to sing to the Evil Pond in recognition of its' 'powers'. A quite remarkable adaptation of the track 'Black Sabbath' by... (err, sorry I can't remember who wrote that one!!)... by a band from the early '70s ensued. We share it here with you here. Lo, as the hairs on the nape of your neck stand up and a cold chill shivers down your spine, think of the dangers of the intrepid Ragged Ramblers who, in pursuit of cobwebby old places (and cake!) will face even the gravest perils. 


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