Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Antiquarian travels beyond the borders of Norfolk

Ragged Ramblers rarely pass up an opportunity to venture outside the safety of home and the weekend just departed was one such moment.
With a call to visit a county rich in heritage and history, Thadeus Basil-Snapper (the third) donned tweed, stout boots and cap and ventured forth.
Travelling on a well appointed bicycle, he arrived in York to be fed on architecture and culture.

Navigating through the winding medieval "Shambles" streets, stopping to sample many touted wares in the various markets, from out of the misty gloom rose the twin towers of the Minster.

Glorious stone with intricate carvings, gargoyles, grotesques and features.
Delicate details in every niche, nook and cranny.

Entering the building through slightly less than grand modern glass doors and crossing the desk guardians' palms with  silver and paper, beautiful structures appeared.

Gaze upon this ceiling decoration for a few moments and enjoy its kaleidoscopic textures.

Figures of majesty under gilded canopies from the 15th century made up the choir screen separating the nave.

And turning, looking, seeing, eyes falling upon splendours of stained glass and tracery.

What struck Thadeus, was the number of 'little gems' hidden around corners and up in dark secluded corners.
A face of incredible detail and child-like impudence peeping from the stonework - gorgeous!

And so, having satiated his hunger for history and architecture, the Rambler, wended his way back through the "Shambles" and headed back to his temporary abode.

But before reaching the destination, one more delight appeared.
"The magic ball man" - a conjurer of contact juggling with skills not seen for many a year, entertained onlookers with feats of "oohs" and "ahhs" - most marvellous.

All in all, a trip to be savoured and recalled in darkened parlours with port, pipe and friends.

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