Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Ramblers Lexicon

Occasionally, when the weather is less than kind, Rambling is turned inwards towards the Society archives.
One such event has happened recently which has uncovered a tome thought lost to time.
Wrapped in fine grease proof paper, crisp brown and wonderfully rustly, a book of significant significance that the findees could not believe it.
Upon the front cover, written in a most beautiful hand, reads the title, The Society Lexicon.
A book devoted to long forgotten syntax, words and idioms.

So for the first time since the last time, we present a few tasty snippets from the book.

Fiddypop ~ noun. A sweet carbonated beverage, usually served to young boys in shorts and striped shirts
Cronzpuddling ~ verb. to pour tea from one's flask with removing the lid. An urban myth.
Twarfdoy ~ verb. eating a piece of cake whilst simultaneously slurping tea.
Puddling cocky ~ a local idiom to describe a rebellious youth urinating against a wall
Vagaryparp ~ noun. To make a (sic. rude) noise whilst sitting in a leather chair
Podcroak ~ noun. The noise emanating from evil ponds.
Churmshuffle ~ verb. To walk towards a corner and immediately and abruptly turn.
Pondermutter ~ colloquialism. To talk about evil ponds.
Pityclunk ~ noun. The sound when Aunty Gary drops a pork pie on the floor.
Fesnyinghonk ~ Coll. Noun. A group of laughing Ramblers

These a just a small sample of the incredible gems within the book. I'm sure you'll agree that this discovery is worthwhile and something that should be aired regularly.

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