Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stow Minster, Lincolnshire

Members of the Ragged Society recently travelled to Lincolnshire to experience and explore some wonderful mediaeval churches, in a trip organised by the historian, Dr Nick Groves. Here, you can see the coach party assembled in the interior of the Minster Church of St Mary... 

Although Stow Minster features some fascinating pre-Conquest (pre-1066) architecture, it was a couple of smaller scale things which really caught my eye. First of all there was an amazing carving of a Viking ship, which, the sign claimed, is the earliest known representation of its kind in England (tenth or eleventh century)...

A Viking marauder, carved by, either, a local person who
perhaps witnessed it on the nearby river Trent, or by a
Viking himself. 
I was also drawn to this incredible carving of a serpent/dragon draped around the base of the twelfth century font...

The sun was shining; we were travelling in the company of other enthusiasts - so much more to discover!


  1. Amazing - we could spend all our lives visiting these time-capsules every week, and still never see the lot by the time we died.

  2. Indeed, that is true Sir. That is why I continue my antiquarian pursuits despite being dead now since 1961