Friday, 20 January 2012

QR & Curious Secrets

Munro: 'That Thadeus is a bit of a whizz at technology isn't he Aunty Gary."
Aunty Gary: "Yes, indeed - he be a marvel!"
Munro: "Did you see his new code thing-a-me-jig?"
Aunty Gary: "Yes, I quite rightly did an all"
Munro: "One is frankly... well, most perplexed..."
Aunty Gary: "Why would that be Munro?"
Munro: "Well, dash it, I haven't got the foggiest what it is or what it does!"
Aunty Gary: "Aunty Gary thought it was one of them there pixie pictures... I really don't know eithers Munro, and that's a most boggling fact, be it..."

And so it goes, time out of mind...

Let me roll back the tweed curtain of technological denial, and explain our little 'gizmo'. It's a QR code ('Quick Response'). If you scan this with a smart phone it will take you straight to The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers blog. Thadeus 'the Whizz', has a notion that our friends and followers may take it upon themselves to print out the code and distribute it on our behalf. He has a dream that the good people who take time to visit here will feel compelled to share the curious secret, which is The Ragged Ramblers. Only time will tell...


  1. Our local team of young ladies (every one a beauty) who are the basket-ball heroines of Bath University have one of those gizmos sewn onto the backs of their bikini bottoms on the grounds that this is the part of their anatomy which will be most frequently photographed by men using smart-phones. Their one takes you straight to the website of their sponsors. Nut just pretty faces...

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