Friday, 26 September 2014

A Bad Bout of Etc, Etc

Egad, Mr. Many Coats is experiencing another bad bout of Etc, Etc! It is at times such as this that we of The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers are indebted to our Society apothecary, Dr. Puck Willet, purveyor of unlimited cures, balms and elixiers. On this occasion Dr Puck reaches for a tin of Dr. Rumney's pure tobacco mentholyptus-infused snuff.

"A failsafe curative for a bout of Etc, Etc Many Coats - even says so on the tin. What!"

A few moments later poor Mr. Many Coats is possessed by a fit of convulsive sneezes that sends filaments of ink-black ssecretions in all directions - including onto the snuff tin itself. 

To this day one can see evidence of this unfortunate display when one examines said tin. As for this curious artefact, where is one to find it? Why, within the growing collections of The Museum of Old Tat of course! 


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